Pressure Balanced Bellows Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are often used for industrial application of piping networks. An expansion joint is also known as movement joint which is categorised into several types, one of its types is pressure balanced expansion joints.Pressure balance expansion joint is a type of pressure balancing bellow which is basically used as a combination of flow bellows as well as the balancing bellows. It is used when the process requires a large change in temperature, pressure and change in size. It is designed with several bellows where the pressure thrust force act across the tie rods attached to the flanges, such as turbines.

Global Metal Bellows Market Research, Demand and Growth

Global metal bellow market research report 2017 is an in-depth study of the current state of the bellow manufacturing industry. The report provides the basic overview of the global market including the trend, demand, growth, product type, applications etc.In addition to this, the report/article covers all of the market forecast 2022 about the bellow manufacturing industries marketing trends and current market conditions.The report highlights the key market dynamics of sector substantial annual growth rate during forecast 2017-2022

Metallic Bellows V/S Non Metallic Bellows - What is the difference?

This question is asked time and again by everyone, but there are many bellow designing specifications that define the major differences between the two product.An in-depth look at how to specify different bellows and ultimately choose the right one.In this article, we explain you on the difference between single or multiple flexible metallic bellows and non metallic bellows. Well, an expansion joint is more likely used in piping systems and prevent from being crushed. But among the two which expansion joint is best for any industrial specific application? Lets us first understand the two types of expansion joints, what are these:

Know How to Choose Right Metal Expansion Bellows

It's difficult to choose among various metal expansion bellows, and in-depth knowledge is required to choose the right one.Metal bellows are considered as the basic part (generic term) - it is a key component made by forming metal cylindrical into annular corrugation at various atmospheric pressure. These expansion joints are specially designed as per the specification defined by the engineers specifying the dimension, type of metal alloy and the technology used.Bellows is designed and used as a versatile component.They are used in various industry for different application and this application can be broad categories—sealing, temperature, evacuation, and pressure which can be referred to bellow designing process.

Trusted Metal Bellows Manufacturer From Pune

Due to change in temperature or high pressure, there is always a chance of pipe expansion/contraction and unwanted contraction in pipe size is dangerous in the industrial utilization, which can lead to circumstances. So for avoiding such kinds of accidents, metal bellows are used in a large number of industrial applications. These metal vessels get compressed if external pressure is applied to it and retrieve its shape when pressure is released. Previously, metal bellows were used in limited industries but now they are used in various industries and market segment like aerospace industry, diesel industry, automation industry including medical application like implantable drug pumps.

Types of metal expansion joints and Industrial applications

Leveraging on our experience and expertise from last 40 years Pliant Bellows is a leading metal expansion joints and stainless steel bellows supplier and manufacturer in India.Metal bellows forming is in practice for thousands of years but after the industrial revolution more sophisticated and hi-technology methods were discovered that made machine industry more powerful and increased their productivity, part repeatability for the better quality products which resulted in improved life. Pliant Bellows provide a broad variety of metal bellow expansion joints to industrial pipeline framework.